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Services that create compelling content

Services for compelling content

Services include content strategy, copywriting and content writing, SEO, information architecture (IA), user experience (UX), and other services involved with developing compelling B2B marketing content.


Services span content strategy and copywriting to SEO, IA, UX and more.


Content strategy

Content strategy involves determining what content is required to successfully achieve your marketing goals. It can include the development of buyer personas and mapping content needs to a buyer’s journey.


Copywriting refers to shorter-form, attention-grabbing copy – like top-level website pages – while content writing refers to longer-form copy, such as white papers, eBooks, case studies, etc. I do it all.

Strategic messaging

It’s critical to consistently use compelling primary messaging for your company and its offerings to support brand identity and the effectiveness of your entire content portfolio.

Search engine optimization

Website copy and content development today needs to take an SEO-driven, mobile-first approach, or it won’t be found and soon will be obsolete.

Information architecture (IA)

The IA of a website creates the foundation for its navigation and determines how easy it is for site visitors to find what they are looking for. Smart thinking and flowcharts are tools of choice.

User experience (UX)

UX is related to IA and content strategy, involving website content, information and presentation design. The ability to get into a user’s skin is helpful, and empathy for novice users essential.

Editorial management

For some clients I hire and/or manage a team of writers, acting as editor-in-chief, keeping a steadfast eye on the strategic messaging being on target across all content.

Other services

Lead generation programs (email campaigns), content marketing, project management, vendor and agency selection and management, and oh so much more.

“I’ve turned to Adam for several projects when precision, style and tight deadlines were paramount, and Adam always delivered. I consider Adam a trusted and valued partner.”

— Peter Ruzicka, VP Corporate Marketing, Force10 Networks (Dell)

Broad technology expertise

Broad technology expertise