News E.ON Develops Hybrid Kiosk for 3Com
3Com Corporation is rolling out an interactive hybrid kiosk to promote its ISDN modem to consumers. The kiosk combines content-rich multimedia running from the hard drive with high-speed ISDN internet access.

News e.Times Goes Live!
E.ON is sponsoring the November 1, 1996 launch of e.TIMES, an online publication designed to guide you through the fast evolving world of corporate interactive communications.

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E.ON Interactive Design turns on the power of corporate interactive communications. Find out who we are and what we do. Go ahead - turn E.ON on.
The world of sales is changing at light speed these days. Overpower your competitors by harnessing the energy of multimedia for electrifying sales presentations.
There's gun-slinging competition in today's challenging marketing environment. Target your customers and shoot from the hip with promotional CD-ROMs, interactive kiosks, and Web sites.
With interactive multimedia training you can teach old dogs new tricks. You can also communicate your complex ideas clearly and dynamically to staff, clients and partners.

You know the Web is being used for everything from selling products to customer service. Let E.ON plug your Web site into the fast lane on the information superhighway.

Exploring the exploding arena of corporate interactive communications, e.Times is an online publication for those involved in the management of interactive projects.

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